Men's Transitional Wardrobe Basics

The transitional period between winter and spring just may be the most dreaded time of year. It’s no longer cold enough to continue wearing your clunky winter boots and winter jacket, but not yet warm enough for boat shoes and short sleeve shirts. Your wardrobe will definitely benefit from these key pieces that will make getting dressed in the morning less of a hassle. These few pieces will also add a bit of variety to your look. These few items are sure to make the transition into spring a breeze:

#1: A Cardigan


A cardigan is a necessity for the winter to spring transition. Wear it for casual Friday’s at the office or for a weekend out when you no longer need a heavy winter jacket. Opt for a shawl collar, as seen in the middle photo, which works great for the office. The shawl collar is slightly more formal and will pair well with a dress shirt and pants.

#2: Puffy Vest


Perfect for this time of year, the puffy vest is both stylish and comfortable. Still feeling a slight chill in your neck of the woods? Layer a denim shirt and cardigan underneath and you’ll have the perfect a weekend look.

#3: Tweed Blazer


One secret to a successful transitional period is layering. A tweed blazer is versatile, stylish and practical, and is an essential for this time of year. The heavier fabric also allows the tweed blazer to be utilized as a jacket, especially on days when you want to leave your bulkier layers at home. Working in both casual and formal settings, the tweed blazer can be paired with a dress shirt and tie just as well as it can be paired with a gingham shirt and chinos.

#4: Shoes Instead of Snow Boots


Desert boots are a great in-between shoe. It’s not quite a formal boot, but it’s not quite a casual shoe either. Pair them with a plaid shirt, jeans or chinos for a weekend look that doesn’t require a ton of effort. Black leather chukka boots are a great option for a night out. Not to mention the versatility of the black leather will compliment all your going out looks. Suede brogues are a lighter shoe and are much more spring appropriate. However, they do come with a bit of responsibility. Waterproofing them before you step outside is key to making sure they’ll last you through this time of year.

The start of the transitional season shouldn’t mean you have to continue wearing your winter gear. It is the perfect time to give it a rest until the following year. Look to add one or two of these pieces into your wardrobe and you’ll be ready for anything Mother Nature tries to throw your way.