Spring Clean Your Closet

Warmer days are just around the corner! While you’re opening the windows, letting in the breeze and spring cleaning your house or apartment, don’t forget about your closet. We want your wardrobe to be a breath of fresh air, not a confusing clutter. So, here are our tips on what to toss, what to donate, and what to save for seasons to come.


Anything stained, ripped or otherwise damaged beyond repair.

Keeping a soiled item in rotation can only have one outcome. You’ll put it on in the morning and rush out the door. By the time you remember why you stopped wearing it in the first place, it will be too late, and you’ll be at work with a coffee stain, a yellowed collar, or a rip in an unfortunate place. Don’t risk it. If you can’t repair it, toss it.



Old t-shirts

How many tees from sporting events, 5ks and team building exercises are folded or rolled up in your dresser? Are there so many that you have push them down as hard as you can to close the drawer? Say goodbye. Of course there will be some particularly sentimental ones, and we’re not so brutal as to separate you from those. But the majority would be better off on someone else’s back than in a forgotten pile.


Anything you forgot you had.

Unless you are honestly being reunited with your long-lost favorite flannel, if you haven’t worn something in a year or two, there’s probably a reason. Whether it doesn’t fit quite right, is a difficult color, or just isn’t your style, don’t try to force it. Set it, and yourself, free.



Your staples that are in good condition and fit well.

Grey, navy and/or black suits – permanent wardrobe residents.


Go-to dress shirts, like classic whites and blues (pinks and lavenders fit into this category, too!) Even if you normally dress casually, you never know when you’ll need to button up.


 A classic peacoat. There will always be cold days, and peacoats will always be in style.



Finally, anything that inspires confidence and makes you feel like your most dapper self. The gingham shirt you killed that presentation in? Your lucky striped tie? The wingtips that strangers compliment on the T? Keep, keep, keep.


Missing any essentials? Email info@9tailors.com and we’ll get you squared away on staples. And now that you have a blank slate, come and browse our new shirt fabrics for spring and summer – you just might find your new favorite button-down.