Black Tie: A Primer

oDespite systematic assaults by era, the Classic Black Tie ensemble has remained the gold standard for formal events. The lines created emphasize the masculinity, height, and strength of those who wear it. While details may be tweaked for a more contemporary look, the foundation is unchanged by fads such as ruffled shirts and aggressive colors.
Because of the strong roots of tradition I wanted to provide a quick tutorial on Tuxedos. More detailed information can be found here, from the Black Tie Guide.
The main components of a tuxedo include a jacket with satin accents, slacks with satin accents, a tuxedo shirt, and a waist covering. The waist covering can be either a cummerbund or a vest.
The jacket is set apart from a regular suit jacket with 3 components. The lapel shape is different from a regular business suit and come in two forms: peaked and shawl. Not only is the cut of the lapel different from a business suit but it is also done in satin to signify the added formality. The buttons and the besoms are also done in satin. Last, the jacket is traditionally one button, rather than the popular business style of two.
The slacks are fitted the same way as regular suit pants with the a satin stripe down the side of the pant. Traditionally, men wear a waist covering with a tuxedo, although in recent years many men leave out the vest or cummerbund in favor of belts. A good compromise for more conservative settings is wearing suspenders without a waist covering.
The shirt should also be crisp white. The original purpose of the tuxedo bib on the shirt is to achieve a bright, just bleached type of white and allow gentlemen to wear it without an undershirt.
If you have not reached a point in your life where you feel you need a tuxedo shirt aim for one with french cuffs. This will be the extra detail that makes your look complete for a special event.
Check out our model, and client, Bryan in his midnight blue tuxedo. He has opted for a more contemporary look. The belt and tie make his look on the more casual side of formal. This is great for a more relaxed black tie.
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