Fall 2012 Trends featuring Jermaine Cunningham

Featured model and loyal 9tailors client: Jermaine Cunningham of the New England Patriots

With the start of football comes the beginning of fall. Yay for Autumn! We’re here to tell you about the trends you should look out for this season. Just look at the dapper Mr. Cunningham… yes sir.


Double-breasted Suits.

Courtesy of fashionsnoopblog.com

Milan’s runways lent themselves to slim double-breasted suits and animal-print sweaters. Yes, gentlemen, double-breasted is making a major comeback. Single-breasted remains a stiff contender, however.


The Three-Piece Suit.

If you haven’t visited  9tailors before, you know not of our love for the three-piece. GQ calls this out as the Fall must-have. And why not? It looks great with all three pieces showing and when you take your jacket off to showcase that sharp vest. And to reiterate, gray is the best versatile color out there. Seen below on Jermaine—wicked shahhhhp.

If you already have enough suits in your closet but need that vest for a finishing touch, you can always opt to get one in a complementary color. Gray suit? Go for a navy vest. Brown suit? Try a tan vest. Or if you’re feeling frisky, try a checked or pin-stripe pattern to give some oomph to your ensemble. 

Conversation-Starting Shoes

Shoes that make a statement, according to NYMag, are in this Fall. Check the foot-candy on Jermaine!
Now, this is a touchy subject, some of the shoes on the runways are obviously not conservative enough for business meetings and the like, but you can dress up your feet with a bit of pizazz just in detail or texture, rather than going all out on funky designs and colors that scream.

courtesy of style.com

Shearling Coats

Did you see The Dark Knight Rises? Did you notice how dope Bane’s jacket was? We’ll be seeing lots of faux-fur lined jackets and shearling coats this fall. Think grungy, lumberjack, living-in-the-woods-and-being-a-man’s-man. Not to mention, a coat like this looks badass paired with a suit or jeans.
courtesy of Esquire.com
Courtesy of  burningdvds.com

Patterns! Knit ties! 

Autumn is the best time of year to play with textures and patterns. Remember our post on knit ties a few months back? You’ll be seeing more of these around as well.

What does Esquire have to say? Echoing the sentiments above, they’ve highlighted nine top designer collections in this wonderful slideshow. See how your wardrobe stacks up.

See more of Jermaine Cunningham’s photo shoot on our facebook page, photos courtesy of the talent-bursting photographer, Channing Johnson.

Need some fly autumnal looks? Tweeds, Herringbones, Plaids, Checks? Thinking about a double-breasted suit? Email a style consultant at info@9tailors.com and design your custom suit and shirt today!