Dive Into Summer

It’s finally getting warmer and that means that summer is around the corner. Is your wardrobe ready? Here are 5 style tips on how to incorporate one of the most common menswear colors (you guessed it, blue!) in a warm weather style:
Tip #1: Liven up your navy blazer by wearing it with colored denim


Tip #2: Pair a brilliant blue with a pair of khakis
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Tip #3: Subtle seersucker in a fine wale isn’t just for Easter or Derby days
More on the conservative side? Tip #4: A bright navy suit will give you that warm weather look without making you look too casual

Tip #5: If a full suit of blue is too much for you, try some fun accessories with a pop of color
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So there you have it, a few ways to wear your summer blues (the good kind). Make an appointment with us for your custom, fit-you-just-right summer brights!

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