9tailors How To: The Air Tie

While some may want to, few dare to sport the risquè air tie. Being a look that has gone in and out of style many a time, it takes no small amount of courage to wear. But if you have ’em, you can nail the look and stand out in all the right ways.

Here’s how to do it:
WITH TWEED: Like a young Jagger, pairing a peter pan color with an air tie and a tweed blazer, you can emulate the post-punk English look like a pro.
DRESSED UP: Wear a patterned shirt with a two-piece suit and nix the tie. A more daring option is when going black tie. If you pull it off, you’ll really turn heads.
FLORAL: A great look for summer and still wearable in fall (if you’re crafty and subtle), the floral shirt with a blazer and air tie is the perfect combination. There is so much pattern in a floral shirt as it is, you can get away with it without a problem. Try it with tailored suit shorts or a navy suit in the summer.
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There you have it, a few good ways to rock the air tie! Custom suits, shirts and (despite the irony) ties are available at 9tailors. Contact us at info@9tailors.com to make an appointment with a style consultant.