Wardrobe Basics for the Businessman

Do you ever feel like you are wearing the same things to the office? Or, maybe you can’t be bothered with matching everything all the time. That’s why we are going to go over the minimum wardrobe must-haves for a businessman. With these basics, you will be able to throw anything on and still look put together, with variety.


Solid navy


These two are your starters for any suit wardrobe. If you are out of school and in the real world, doing an internship or just starting in corporate business, the first two suits you should always get are a solid navy and a charcoal grey. They epitomize the classic business wear. These hues go with shirts and shoes in varying patterns, styles and colors.

Solid black


While not our first choice for the office, a black is a needed suit for formal events and evening events. You can wear one in the office, but it needs to be well fitting and ideally not paired with a white shirt so as to avoid the funeral look.

Subtle pattern

Now that you have your basic suits, you can branch out to a pattern. A Prince of Wales check is a classic, as is a subtle pinstripe. Navy pinstripes are a good work go-to, but avoid a chalk stripe or you’ll look like a mobster.

SHIRTS – the basic array of shirts that will go well with anything

Solids – white, blue, lavender

Stripes – any shade of blue, maroon, dark purple

Patterns – windowpane check, gingham, herringbone, micro-houndstooth

SHOES – shoes you can’t go wrong with and the colors you should get them in

Cap toe – a good go-to shoe for the workday, you are safe to get them in any color.


Wingtip – a stylish option, a nice pair of wingtips will be noticed in the right way. They will complement a well-tailored suit.

Allen Edmonds

Loafer – an easy option, but don’t get lazy and choose a bad pair. Avoid chunky-soled, plastic-looking slip-ons. If you are going to do the loafer, do it right. A sleek pair of loafers look great with a slight break (or none if you’re brave enough) in your trousers. Avoid wearing them with baggy pants.

Dress boot – the perfect fall shoe, it will show that you do care about style.


So there you have it, the foundation of your wardrobe and what will keep you looking good, no matter what. While accessories are important as well, these are just your simple staples that you need as the base of your attire. Get them if you don’t have them already!