Everybody's Working for the Weekend

While all you may want to be in is sweats after a long week, it isn’t always the most flattering of choices. Here are a few different casual looks that you can wear on the weekend so you can feel comfy and look good.

The semi-put-together – Throw a sweater over a button down, pair it with some jeans and some casual shoes or boots.

Dresy Casz


The casual monochrome – Best done with grey, navy or black, monochrome can have you looking sleek and stylish. And the best part? No need to match the various shades – it’ll look effortless and put together at the same time.

Monochrome Caszz

The dressed-down blazer/dress coat – This is great for cold weather. Throw a t-shirt, button down or crew neck on under a blazer or pea coat, pair with jeans and you’re good to go.

Blazer Outerwear Casz



Pants – While jeans are the easiest, they aren’t your only casual option. Try putting some colored chinos or khakis in rotation as well as your favorite pair of jeans.

Colored Pantz

Shoes – There are really no limits on weekend footwear, as long as you’re not wearing your shiny black dress shoes with jeans (BIG no-no). Try some slip-on or lace up boots, classic white sneakers or some fun running sneakers. All of these paired with jeans, khakis or whatever you choose will look good.


So go ahead and stay comfortable on the weekends with the above looks and items. We hope this helps in your weekend wardrobe choices!