Marsala Cover Photo

Pantone's Color of the Year and How to Wear It


Pantone has announced it’s color of 2015 and we love it! Like a dusty, lighter burgundy, marsala is an earthy tone that stands out just enough.

Here’s how we recommend you wear it:

Monochrome – all or nothing, baby. Monochrome is in style and so is marsala…why not give it a try?


Full suit – you know we’re all about looking dapper in a suit here at 9tailors, so this is one of our favorites…


Pantone suit

Accessories – don’t want to splash out on the full body color? Try to incorporate it into your outfit through accessories. Bow ties, suspenders, hats…you get the idea.




Saturday-wear – throw on some marsala tailored sweats or a t-shirt with a comfy crew neck and you’re good to go! Also, a casual marsala corduroy shirt goes well imperfectly tucked into your favorite pair of jeans or chinos.

eastdane tailored sweats



gievesandhawkes corduroy shirt

Shoes – sneak the color of the year into your shoe repertoire. They’ll pair great with navy, tansĀ and other earthy colors.


So there you have it, more than one reason to go out and purchase 2015’s hot color and add it to your wardrobe. Contact us at to get your suit or suit separates today!