How to Coordinate Your Accessories

In the past, you may or may not have had the problem of wondering what goes with what on your outfit. While matching suits and shirts isn’t too difficult, ties, belts and shoes can become a little overbearing if you aren’t learned on the subject. Here are a few simple tips for coordinating accessories.


Patterned ties – These can be paired with a solid shirt or depending on how loud the pattern is, a shirt that has a different pattern. Avoid matching the same pattern in different colors as it can be rough on the eyes.

Silk knit tie – more of a spring item, these ties can be worn with brighter colors as well as your standard solids.

Wool tie – a must for winter, it is important to know how to wear it. Pair it with a solid white, subtle stripes or a bold plaid.


Matching – your safest bet is matching the color of your belt to the shoes you are wearing. When in a pinch, match your belt as closely as you can – if it’s a shade off from your shoes, it won’t be noticed.

Additional accessories – avoid adding yet another accessory (i.e. a bag) in the same color as your shoes and belt. It will look funny and be too much of the same color, taking away from the suit.

Summer – in the summer you have a little more leeway on branching out in the belt department. Invest in a canvas belt, a braided leather belt, etc. These pair nicely with khaki and a variety of shoes.


A pocket square should compliment your suit and shirt color, not match it. If you are wearing a patterned tie, choose a subtle color in it to bring out and do so with a pocket square. For example, if you had a plaid tie with thin red lines, you could wear a pocket square with red piping.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll look like you know what you’re doing.