How to Make Casual Look Pro

Whether your workplace is all about casual or more on the conservative side, it’s good to know how to incorporate casual looks in a professional manner. Here are a few tips on how to upgrade your business casual look.

TIP #1: Denim/Chambray – Sneaking in a soft denim or chambray shirt under your suit will give you a stylish look, with a hint of casual.

TIP #2: The Crewneck – While it’s normally a comfortable weekend item, a cozy crewneck sweater worn under a blazer is the perfect balance of business and casual. No one will even know you switched out the less-comfortable button down for what feels like pajamawear!

TIP #3: Plaid – Throw a nice plaid on under layers or even on it’s own. It’s a louder pattern than your standard blues and whites and changes up your formal wardrobe in a great way.

TIP #4: Khakis – Invest in a nice, crisp pair of khakis and pair them with the above-mentioned plaid shirt. Make sure they fit well and have a distinct crease, making them all the more dressed-up.

TIP #5: Fit – The number one factor in making casual look pro is fit. You could come to work in a high-end suit, shirt and tie and still look like a guy who doesn’t have it together if it doesn’t fit. Oversized, baggy, hang-off-your-shoulder suits have never done anyone any good (check out our post on shirt fit). As long as you have nice, fitted clothing and know how to pair your items up, you can make almost anything look ready for the workplace. That’s where 9tailors comes in.

So there you have it, 5 simple tips for making casual look office-ready. Contact us at to schedule an appointment with a style consultant for your custom wardrobe items.