How to Incorporate Color Into Your Wardrobe


When your work attire is more on the conservative side, navies, greys and whites can start to get boring. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate some color into a dull outfit:



While your standard shirts may be white or solid blues, branch out to a patterned shirt with some color in it. Don’t want to go too bold? Try a micro-pattern. It will have texture while giving the appearance of a solid shirt.




What better place to have a little pop than your shoes? Get a fun colored pair of laces, or invest in a pair of shoes with a colored sole.




Red is a great color to keep it somewhat conservative while still adding color. Socks, suspenders, silk knit cuff links, red works.




A good way to be subtle is to have a small accessory as your pop of color. A tie, bow tie, pocket square…you get the idea.



There’s nothing quite as fun a customizing your suits and jackets! There are endless options to incorporate a tiny bit of color here, a big contrast there, etc.


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