Make the Most of Your Wardrobe

Getting new clothing can have its pros and cons. You ask yourself questions like, “am I ever going to actually wear this?”, “do I like it enough to spend this much?”, “is it worth it to get it this cheap even if I don’t like it?” etc, etc. While it can be fun to pick up a statement piece here and there, versatility is key in any gent’s wardrobe. Here are 5 items that can be worn in endless ways before they get old (or like some purchases, never even make their debut).




As seen in this photos from left to right, it can be worn and broken apart in many ways from very formal, to less formal, to business casual. Wear all three pieces to a wedding, formal event, or to simply look really well put together for any occasion. Two piece grey suits can’t go wrong. Hot out? Still look dressed for the occasion with the vest and pants (perfect for a groom when it comes to dancing time!). Use the pants as a suit separate and pair them with a navy blazer, a button-down sans blazer, or go more casual and wear it with a simple navy or black sweater.



A grey or navy sweater vest goes a long way. Great for business casual, or dress up a suit while staying that much warmer in the winter by throwing a sweater vest on under your jacket or blazer. Depending on where you work, it can also be a good excuse to skip out on a tie.



Now I may be partial, but I think that every man needs a grey (lighter shade, ideally, as it’s more versatile) crewneck sweater. It can be worn in so many ways and matches with everything, so it’s a worthwhile investment. Wear it casually with jeans, khakis, colored chinos or black pants. Dress it up with a pair of slacks (try a Prince of Whales check trouser and some funky shoes). Wear it with a suit or just over a button-down. It’s the best.



Everyone loves a good wingtip shoe (or boot). This particular color happens to work  with a lot of different options. In the photo above you can see it being worn formally, business casual (always sneak in olive pants at work if you can get away with it!) and with jeans.



Gingham shirts are always a good option for menswear. They are just the right amount of pattern without being too loud. Navy gingham is a go to, but you’re just as wise to invest in maroon, lavender and grey gingham shirts as well. Not into a big pattern? Get a microcheck gingham for some pattern with an overall solid color look from a distance. Gingham can pretty much be worn under any circumstance other than a black tie occasion.


With that in mind, have no qualms when picking up any of these items – they’ll serve you well. Oh and will recommend a great place to get your grey suits and gingham button downs. Stay tuned for our March package deals!