St. Patrick's Day – Do Green the Right Way

This city is known for it’s spirited antics on March 17th. It’s where the Charles turns green and the city becomes a whirlwind of green beer, corned beef and cabbage and some very tipsy (nicely put) locals. If you don’t get into it, we understand. If you do, we thought we’d give you 3 ways to wear green without looking like…well, these guys…


Here are 3 simple, less conspicuous ways to show your St. Patty’s Day pride.

OLIVE PANTS – olive is a much more muted green and can be worn comfortably (and stylishly) without feeling like you look like a leprechaun.



GREEN OUTERWEAR– As we all know, it’s still cold out there and might be for a little while longer (us Bostonians aren’t surprised by an April snowfall, unfortunately). A green army-style coat is an easy option. A green pea coat is something different from your standard navy or black.



FULL-FLEDGED GREEN SUIT– go big or go home, right? We love a good green suit, as long as it fits just right (we can help you with that). If you’re feeling brave or fashion-forward, take the dive and go green.


So top o’ the mornin’ to ya (or whatever time it is) and have fun this year in your green attire if you so choose! We hope we helped.