Do You Denim?

Denim has had its in’s and out’s over the past few decades. While it can be done terribly wrong, it can also be oh so right. Below we have someĀ 70’s, 80’s and 90’s renditions.


Due to it’s spectrum of great to not-so-great, we decided to give you a few tips on how to incorporate denim into your wardrobe.


LAYERS – Layer a jean jacket under an overcoat or even a blazer. It has great texture and will give your outfit extra style. Also try throwing a cardigan over a denim button-down for a manly look.



BUTTON DOWN – Throw a denim button-down on and wear it casually or formally (if done right). Paired with a navy or tweed blazer, you can’t go wrong.



ALL OR NOTHING – If you can pull it off, go full Canadian tuxedo with it. You can wear denim of slightly different shades to break it up and pair the outfit with a pair of rugged boots or some sneakers. Beard optional.



CHAMBRAY – Denim stretching a little too far for you? That’s okay, it has a slightly more conservative relative that has been big for a while now. You can do chambray in a shirt, light summer pants or a full suit. It’s great casually or dressed up and has been making a frequent appearance in wedding parties.


With these tips in mind, go ahead and branch out and pick up some denim garments beyond your favorite pair of jeans and go to town!