Travel Light: How to pack for a business trip

Packing light and versatile for your business trip is always important. Not to mention the importance of remaining stylish without having to pack too many things. It is always good to remember that less is more when it comes to traveling for business. Here are a few tips to get you there and back without a massive suitcase:

TIP #1: The ultimate go-to suit

Don’t go wild and bring a bunch of suits. If you’re away for a few days on a business trip, you can easily get away with one suit…the trusty charcoal grey. You have endless options. Wear it with a dark tie, open it up with a different shirt and no tie for dinner or just hang onto the jacket and wear it as a blazer for an evening out.


TIP #2: Bring a few shirt options

Shirts take up much less space, especially when pressed and folded at the dry cleaner. Bring a white, pale blue and a fun patterned shirt. This will help you switch up your suit, making it less repetitive.


TIP #3: Save room by wearing items

Wear the suit on the plane if you have a morning flight and be ready for your first-up meeting. Not into the full suit on the flight? It’s much easier to pack a pair of suit trousers as opposed to the jacket. Wear the jacket as a ¬†blazer and store it safely above your seat if you need to remove it.


TIP #4: Loaf your way through the TSA

Why struggle taking your shoes off and putting them on again and awkwardly bending over to tie them after getting through security? Slip on a pair of loafers and you’ll have an easy trip past the TSA.


TIP #5: Bring a versatile v-neck

Bring a navy v-neck sweater for layers. It’ll be light weight enough to pack for the plane, ¬†you can go to a less formal meeting or gathering by pairing it with a button down and your suit trousers and go with or without a tie. You can also use it as a casual item on it’s own for any off-duty time you have.



Keep these basic tips in mind, pack light and enjoy your trip, gentlemen! Oh and swing by 9tailors for your go-to suit. We are having a 30% off sale on our limited time fabrics. Contact us at