Threadiquette: Your wedding attire decoded

Whether you dread it or love it, you probably have a few weddings to attend this year. So, why not look good (and appropriate) while doing so? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get prepped this season.


What your invitation says: Black-tie or black-tie optional

What this means to you: This is your most James Bond moment. We believe that every man should own a tuxedo. They’ll never go out of style and you never know when you might need one. While most go for a black fabric for this occasion, we also recommend a midnight navy tux. Both are equally classic and formal. Shawl collars are having a moment; we saw them all over the red carpet during the Oscars.



What your invitation says: Festive, Dress-to-impress or semi-formal

What this means to you:  You probably already have this down pat. It’s your wedding uniform. But, don’t be stuck in a style rut! Keep your outfit fresh so your look doesn’t go stale. We’re loving the three-piece. Remove your jacket and you’ll still look like a gentleman. Or, make it modern by going with a tonal or monochromatic look.


What your invitation says: Garden party or rustic-chic

What this means to you: Rustic weddings are popping up everywhere . Whether the fete is taking place in a lush, wooded backdrop or in a charming barn, you might find a wedding of this nature hard to dress for. Often times these weddings have a vintage feel and a touch of whimsy. We recommend heading to your local second-hand store for vintage bow-ties, suspenders and handkerchiefs. We love the men’s accessories from Salmagundi. For suiting, we recommend fabrics with texture, such as chambray or linen.


What your invitation says: Casual or cocktail dress

What this means to you: This has wide variability. Pay attention to where the ceremony and reception are taking place. If the nuptials are going to be at city hall, a smart suit will do the trick. Give it a GQ twist by adding a gingham shirt. Is the ceremony is taking place in someone’s backyard or home? A simple, pressed dress shirt and nice slacks will work. We’re loving our micro-fiber trousers that don’t wrinkle and come in colorful shades from sage to indigo.


What your invitation says: Beach-attire

What this means to you: Under no circumstances should you ever show up in sandals. Ever. Luckily for you, casual suiting options are showing up in stores everywhere. We particularly love the brightly hued summer wool, linens and chambray suits in our showroom right now. Try a periwinkle (blue-purple) blazer with stone colored trousers. The lightweight fabrics will keep you cool and dry. The pop of color will keep your look modern. Please note: the look is artfully disheveled, not messy. So, you’ll still need to iron your garment!


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