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Meet Jonathan Coons of A Man Among Socks

Day in and day out, you get up, get dressed, and put on your socks and shoes. But how much thought do you put into your sock choice? Do you wear a solid, neutral-colored pair no matter what, or do you mix it up with color, pattern, and texture? Jonathan Coons falls into the latter category, and his love of sock-kind is what inspired him to launch A Man Among Socks, an online destination for men’s fashion socks.

9tailors chatted with Jonathan about his personal obsession with socks (hint: he purposely cuffs his pants to show off the socks he’s wearing), what customers on his site are currently digging, and also where he sees A Man Among Socks in the future.

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9tailors: When and why did you start A Man Among Socks?

Jonathan Coons: I had the idea to start a sock company four plus years ago. Then adult life happened, and finally A Man Among Socks was live at the end of May 2015. I started this company as a way to create a one stop shop for all Men’s Fashion Socks, I was frustrated by having to buy my socks from four or five different stores, paying five shipping fees etc… We are bringing in ALL the brands, all under one roof, one shopping experience, one transaction, thousands of styles!


9tailors: Why do you think socks are such an important part of a man’s wardrobe?

JC: Socks offer men (and women for that matter!) a way to integrate a bit of color, style, pop, and craziness (if that’s how you roll!) into your daily wardrobe. I look at it in two ways. 1: For those who are not regularly fashion forward, but who want to subtly add some color and flair. Socks are only exposed if you let them be. You can choose to hem your chinos, suits, denim, etc… so it shows no sock until you cross your leg. Or you can cuff, or hem your pants to be shorter and always show your socks or ankles. I personally fall into the latter category. And 2: for the gents who are knowingly wearing socks to be that complement to their overall or “usual” style. The gent who has a lapel pin, or a pocket square or dare I say neckerchief! Socks to this type is yet another vertical to add color and flair. Make a statement!


9tailors: What sets A Man Among Socks apart from other sock retailers?

JC: We will have the most socks available under one roof. I want every brand, and every style from the US based ones, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, South and Central America, Africa, etc… everywhere! We will be the one stop shop for all. International shipping is something we will be offering in the coming weeks. We want a gent in Spain to be able to easily grab a pair of DeadSoxys and Evoke Socks (US Based), some Soxy Beasts (Australia Based) and Sockzis (Canada Based) without having to worry about the different costs of shipping from each continent.


9tailors: What are your top three favorite socks that A Man Among Socks carries?

 JC: JL The Brand’s Skull and Crossbones, MrD London’s Mariner Anchor (A Man Among Socks is the exclusive US distributor for MrD London!) and DeadSoxy’s The Clarksdale.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.14.28 PM
From left to right: JL The Brand’s Skull and Crossbones, MrD London’s Mariner Anchor, DeadSoxy’s The Clarksdale

9tailors: Is there a best-selling sock on the site?

 JC: MrD London’s Mariner Anchor sock.


9tailors: How do you pick which new brands and styles to carry?

 JC: We utilize social media to find and communicate with the brands we carry, and want to carry. We are open to offering just about anything that falls under the “Men’s Fashion Sock” category. Sure, there might be some socks on the site that don’t appeal to a certain someone, but they do to others… That’s the whole point: endless brands and styles so that there is something for everyone!


9tailors: Where do you see A Man Among Socks five years from now?

JC: In five years, it’s my goal to have a massive brand and style offering. I would genuinely like to, and feel this is accomplish-able, have every brand in our shop. When I say every brand, I mean every brand that is willing to wholesale. I can appreciate, and will never pester, the brand that wants to keep their goods in house and only available exclusively at their online or brick and mortar store. But in five years, AMAS will be the Zappos of socks! Alternatively, as the brand grows, and awareness is increased, we would also like to incorporate more men’s accessories (lapel pins, ties, pocket squares, tie bars, etc…) Yet another one stop shop for men’s fashion accessories.


9tailors: What are your top sock styling tips?

JC: I love bold colors and styles, I don’t necessarily match my socks to my outfit. I love to incorporate patterns, polka dots, gingham, stripes, paisley, etc… However, its very easy to over pattern, so depending upon your top half, be careful with how crazy patterned the socks are. A gingham shirt and gingham socks is a bit much! So, if you are heavily patterned up top, we love a bold and bright solid sock. If you are conservative with your shirt, jacket, and pocket square, then the world is your oyster when it comes to socks. Now you can let the multi color polka dots or skull and crossbones or bright pink and green wavy socks rip!


Convinced that it’s time to up your #sockgame? Visit A Man Among Socks and use the code summer25 for 25% off. If you want to see the goods in-person before you purchase, 9tailors has several pairs on sale in our showroom. And if you need a suit to match your new socks, contact and we’ll help you create one.