9 Father's Day Gifts Every Dad Will Thank You For

Has your dad told you not to get him anything or that he doesn’t know what he wants? If he has, don’t listen! Dads everywhere deserve to be celebrated and even though he may not like to admit it he’s totally looking forward to a shiny new gadget this Father’s Day.

Dads have a reputation of being the hardest member of the family to shop for. They tend to own everything under the sun. Whether your dad travels for work or it’s the first time you’re purchasing a gift for your husband there’s certainly something on the list he’ll love.


Noise Canceling Headphones

No one likes background noise. Dad can put his headphones on and forget about the rest of the world.


 Shaving Kit

Want to help dad keep his facial hair in check? A shaving set is definitely the way to go.

Portable Grill

Nothing says summer like a great bbq. Perfect for traveling or a dad who doesn’t have tons of space for a traditional grill.

Family Size Camping Tent

As much as he may not like to admit it he’s no longer the only one bracing the elements. This tent is the perfect size to fit up to six people comfortably.

Food Subscription Box

What dad doesn’t love bacon? Three words. Bacon caramel popcorn!

Coffee Dripper

Every dads first father’s day is a special one. If the little one has been keeping the new dad in your life awake for several hours this is sure to give him a boost of energy.


iPhone Tool Kit Case

Because dads want to do everything themselves and let’s be honest he’s not taking that trip to the genius bar.

Running Stroller

Whether he’s going for a quick jog or taking care of errands for the day a running stroller is a great option for athletic dads.

You’ll want to look for one that is lightweight and compact. This makes it much easier when he and the little one are maneuvering the streets of Boston.

Virtual Reality Goggles

Once all is said and done and dad has fulfilled all of this fatherly duties give him the opportunity to escape it all and enter a world all his own.

Did we miss anything? Tell us what amazing gift you’ll be getting for dad this year!