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Back To Basics: Nine Dress Shirts Every Guy Should Own

Have you ever wondered which shirts you should add to your wardrobe? If so we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of nine dress shirts every guy should have in his closet. From solid blues to gingham and fun bold patterns they all deserve their rightful spot in your wardrobe.


1. White Twill/ White Poplin

Every guy needs a white shirt… or three. It’s good to always have a few in rotation. Keep the collar semi-formal with a midway spread that can be worn with or without a tie. Pair this shirt with any color suit and you’re good to go.

2. Light Blue Twill/ Light Blue Poplin

This is the same as the first shirt. The only difference is that it is in a pale blue color. A light blue shirt is slightly less formal than white but still works well with the majority of suit colors. Light and charcoal grey both work well with a light blue shirt. It can also be paired with a brighter royal blue suit or khaki.

3. Windowpane


If you default to stripes or solid blue shirts a windowpane is  great addition to your collection. it is a very subtle pattern that will not be too overwhelming for a day at work. If you work in a more conservative office opt for a navy or a light blue windowpane. If you want to have a bit more fun with it pink and lavender are two colors we would suggest adding to your closet.

4. Gingham


For this one the color is up to you. Blue, lavender, red, green the options are endless. The best thing about gingham is that the patterns come in numerous sizes. If you work in a business casual setting a standard size gingham is your best bet. If you want a slightly more casual option choose a larger size gingham. Think of gingham as a more casual windowpane.

5. Chambray or Denim

denimEveryone has a causal denim shirt. Think of this one as a slightly dressier version of your casual one. Personally we here at 9tailors love a darker blue chambray shirt. The best thing about chambray is that although it looks like denim it isn’t as heavy as denim, which is great for the summer. You can pair it with chinos for a casual look or wear it with jeans of a darker denim rinse.

6. Short Sleeve Shirt

It’s summer. Everyone needs a short sleeve shirt. They are more casual than your standard dress shirt so they should be worn for after work settings. Think drinks at the bar with friends or date night. You can choose any color you’d like. Since it is more casual try a pattern or a color that you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards.

7. A Bold Pattern

Have a little bit of fun and step outside of your comfort zone a bit with a bolder patter. We love paisley or floral patterns. Floral is a great trend for summer 2016.

8. Pink or Subtle Pink Pattern

Pink works well for most skin tones. Those who have very pale skin should stay away for pink because it can wash you out a bit. Others feel free to go with a light or a brighter pink color.

9. Two Tone Check or Stripe

Whether it is a check or a stripe it is always good to have a two tone shirt. For a more subtle approach choose a pattern with two colors in the same family. Light blue and navy. Pink and red. Black and grey. They all are great go-to’s. Another favorite of ours are the patterns that use two complementary colors. Green and navy blue, red and black, blue and yellow. Definitely more causal, but depending on the scale of the pattern you can still wear it under a suit. If you’re worried about how to pair it with your suit keep your suit color solid so that your shirt speaks for itself.


Are you missing a few of the essential shirts we listed? It’s time to add new dress shirts to your wardrobe. Email us at info@9tailors.com or call at 617-286-6135 to schedule an appointment.