Menswear 2016 Summer Trends

Just because it’s July doesn’t mean you can’t get on board with the latest summer trends. Still curious to know how you can get your style game on? We have compiled a list of the hottest menswear items below for you to check out.


white pants


1) White Pants/Chinos/Trousers

A pair of white pants is the classic go-to item to try when you’re tired of wearing jeans or slacks. They are a great option for casual occasions, from day to night.

How to style: If you’re new to wearing white pants, don’t stress about it. Treat them like jeans and wear any dress shirt of your choice.


2) Floral Prints

Want something bold, colorful, and fun to wear? Add some personality to your outfit by going floral – because real men wear floral prints.

How to style: Believe it or not, florals are easier to match than you think. You can either go all out with bright, solid colored shorts or dress more subtly in something more neutral-toned, like khakis.


3) Bomber Jackets

For cooler summer nights, put on a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are perfect for that effortless, sleek look that you can put together in seconds.

How to style: Looking to level up your cool factor? A pair of shades is the ultimate accessory to go with your bomber jacket.



4) Backpacks

The summertime is all about making plans and going out. If you find yourself constantly running around from one to place another, consider carrying a backpack that matches your outfit.

How to style: Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes so unless you are buying them too add to your collection of backpacks, go for one that comes in a versatile color and has a lot of space.



5) Short Shorts

No, that’s not a typo. Short shorts are in, and not only are they a new stylish trend, they’re ideal to wear during hotter and more humid weather.

How to style: Confidence is key to wearing these pair of shorts. Own them with your attitude and a clean, crisp dress shirt.


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