How to Roll Up Your Sleeves

Did you know that there is a proper way to roll up your sleeves? Actually, there are several step-by-step methods to roll up your sleeves based on where you plan to wear your 9tailors shirt.

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1. Basic Roll

As the name suggests, this roll is the most basic and one of the easiest tricks to try on your sleeves. Before you roll your sleeves, make sure to unbutton all buttons on the cuffs first. Then, fold up the cuffs at their full width – do not fold them in half. Finally, roll up the sleeves at a full cuff’s length two to three times until they end either a little below or above the elbows. Make sure to smooth out the sleeve every time you roll.

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2. The AIFA Roll

If you want something that looks a bit more put together and still great for an effortless, casual outfit, go minimal and try the AIFA roll. Again, unbutton your sleeves. Then, roll up your sleeves for about the length of your cuff twice. Make sure that the fold is below your elbow, giving your arm an overall proportional look.

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3. Master Roll

For something different yet subtle, the master sleeve would be perfect for your formal shirts. However, this trick only works if there is a contrasting color or pattern under the cuff. Once you’ve unbuttoned your cuffs, roll up your sleeves at the cuffs’ length three times. After you rolled up your sleeves the third time, make sure you only cover the cuffs, leaving the top edge exposed.

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4. The High Roller

Also known as The Marine, this type of roll is for those who want to show off some arm muscles! Leave the shirt on a flat surface and curl the sleeves up at the cuff’s width. Then roll up the sleeves inside-out until the bottom of the sleeves reach to your bicep area. Remember to smooth out the sleeves every time you roll up!

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