How to Style White Pants 3 Ways

Have no fear if you don’t know what to match with your newly bought pair of white pants! As trendy as they are for the summer, white pants can pose a challenge for those who aren’t used to finding the right top and accessories to match with such an eye-catching piece.

All White Look



1. A white blazer is the classic partner in crime for your bold choice of pants. Pulling off an all white suit makes a perfect statement to let others know that you are ready to bring some class into any formal social gathering. An all white outfit will put you in the spotlight in style.

Accessories to match: a neutral colored tie (black is perfect), a classy watch, and your favorite pocket square


A Pop of Color


2. Throw on a light-colored plaid shirt! Adding several fun colors to your top can make a huge difference. Not only do they add a pop of color but the shirt’s plaid pattern tones down the overall look so that you can wear it to your next casual day-out.

Accessories to match: hat (a snazzy fedora would work!) and a pair of shades


Chino Shorts

3. If you’re not into patterns, then why not go for a more traditional, solid light blue dress shirt from 9tailors to match with a pair of white shorts. If you’re into the prep look, tie a cardigan around your shoulders. Cardigan or no cardigan, this look is timeless, effortless and cool. Wear this outfit to any event, casual or semi-formal.

Accessories to match: for a sportier look, cap and sneakers


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