7 Wedding Tasks That Every Groom Can Handle

For some couples wedding planning is a breeze, however, for others it can seem like one daunting task after the other. Grooms, there will be tons of things to think about. Your fiance will have a ton of questions for you and even if you think she’ll figure it out on her own it’s always nice to give a little input. Wedding planning is all about picking your battles and picking them wisely.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 tasks that any groom will be able to handle. So take notes and be ready for the next time she wants a little input.

Alcohol + Bar

If there is any part of the wedding that the groom may want to be apart of it is the drinks. Everyone loves liquor! This is your time to shine. Do you want signature drinks? This is a chance to show a bit of your personality.


The honeymoon isn’t technically a part of the big day but it is just as important. Unlike the wedding, there aren’t any hard and fast rules you have to stick to. Grooms this is your chance to show your partner how much you care. Go all out if you want to. This is your first vacation as a married couple. Dig a little deeper and think about destinations that aren’t always the most popular. You’ll get extra brownie points for putting in that added bit of effort.

Suits vs. Tuxedos

Brides always have an idea of how they want their groom and his groomsmen to look but it is important that you allow your groom to express himself freely. It is important that he has a say in what he is able to wear. After all, this is his day as well. Check in and see how he is doing and make sure that he is moving things along properly, but this is one task that any groom can definitely take control of. Find some of our wedding inspiration over on our Pinterest.

Groomsmen Gifts

This goes without saying guys. Skip the flasks. They probably own a ton from the other weddings they were in earlier this year. Think about what sports they enjoy. Get them golf clubs or tickets to a game. Another great gift is a weekender bag. They will always come in handy for vacations, weddings etc. 

The Music

Whether you choose to have a live band or a DJ music is one thing the groom can have some control over. Remember the reception is a party. Now is the time for everyone to let loose and enjoy the night.


How are you getting to the venue? What’s going to happen after the reception? Groom, take over this task. It’s pretty straight forward and it’s one less thing she’ll have to worry about.

Writing Wedding Vows

This is one item on the list that cannot be delegated to anyone else. This is especially true if you’re going to write your own vows. They should be emotional and sentimental. No one can capture this except for you.