How to Make a Splash at Your Beach Wedding

A beach wedding stirs up romantic images of a beautiful ocean backdrop, soft golden sands,  and warm, gentle breezes. The idea is something that most couples dream of; after all, what can be more picturesque?  As a groom, choosing the appropriate attire for your beach venue, however, can be a bit tricky.

First of all, you want to stay cool and avoid sweating under the hot sun (especially if you have a daytime summer wedding). Secondly, you want to achieve the perfect balance between appearing too formal and too casual. Below, we have assembled several fashion tips for the beach bound groom-to-be.

Choose Light-Weight Fabrics

The last thing that you want to sport on your big day are sweat stains! While venue details, like a covered gazebo, may mitigate the heat of the sun’s rays, wearing an uncomfortably heavy suit can make an outdoor ceremony unbearable. We recommend selecting linen or seersucker fabrics for your suit. Linen, which is produced from flax fibers, performs marvelously in hot weather, as it boasts high breathability and absorbency. Seersucker, which is comprised of pure cotton, similarly wicks away moisture and allows air to circulate.

Choose Light Colors

Just as light fabrics help detract heat, light colors also extinguish the sun’s penetrable rays. Stick to neutrals, such as light ochre, eggshell, or taupe. These colors compliment a sandy background perfectly. Meanwhile, light pastels, like powder blue or pale pink add a nice pop of color. Not only do dark colors, like black or midnight navy, seem out of place at an outdoor beach wedding, they also attract heat, sacrificing your comfort.

Consider Going Jacket-Less

A beach wedding is ideal for those who hate to be constricted by a two-button jacket. Since your aim is to stay cool, it is totally acceptable to swap your suit jacket for a vest. We suggest using a long tie or bowtie to add color and visual interest to your look. A more casual dress code also allows you to roll up the sleeves of your dress shirt. Do not neglect to inform your groomsmen of your suit decision because it would certainly look silly if one of your groomsmen was standing next to you in a buttoned up jacket.

Substitute Dress Shoes For Loafers

Socks are definitely not at home at the beach. We cannot imagine anything more uncomfortable than stepping out on the sand in traditional dress shoes and socks. If you are a true nature lover, you would ideally be strutting to the alter barefoot. In most cases, however, a wedding dictates some level of formality, so perhaps you could save the barefoot look for the wedding photos, and select sensible loafers for the ceremony.  Canvas covered loafers or a soft leather boat shoes (preferably with rubber soles) are practical, comfortable, and stylish options that pair well with linen or seersucker suits. We would avoid wearing sandals, particularly flip-flops, unless your wedding is ultra casual and you choose to wear simply a dress shirt and pants.


Match Your Bride

While it may be taboo to see your bride’s wedding gown before the big day, you should know a few key pieces of information about her dress. Find out what fabric her dress is made out of, its color, length, and level of formality. These cues should help guide you in your suit selection journey. If your fiancee has chosen an elaborate, lace embellished, champagne toned floor-length satin gown, you will appear far too casual in merely a white linen dress shirt and seersucker pants. On the other hand, if she opts for an informal, strapless cotton maxi dress, you will “upstage” her in a three piece wool tuxedo.  Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page in terms of your desired comfort level and wedding formality.


Comfort lovers rejoice as a beach wedding allows you to look and feel more relaxed. Skip the tuxedo, unbutton an extra shirt button, lose the tie if you would like, and let yourself succumb to the beauty of your serene destination.