One Jacket: Worn Three Ways

Often times, when we think about buying a suit, we struggle to lay down the big bucks if we see limited use for the garment. Unless you work in a profession that requires wearing a suit to work every day, you might wonder, “how many times will I actually wear that suit?”

If you are purchasing a suit for your wedding day or a special occasion, you may very likely fear that your expensive custom-made suit will end up hanging in your closet as a sentimental item. We have news for you, however, that suit jacket that you just purchased has multiple uses on its own. Whether you are a business casual kind of guy or need a cool date night look, we have compiled a list of three great looks that you can achieve wearing the same jacket.

Scenario 1: Day at the Office

The matchy-matchy look gets tiresome, so opt for mixing your navy jacket with grey pants for a more interesting look. Keep your look basic with a light blue striped shirt or jazz it up with a bolder pattern. When it comes to your tie and pocket square, you can stay safe with neutral tones or bring more personality with brighter colors. Since you are sporting a business casual look, you can go sockless with your loafers. 

Scenario 2: Date Night

There is something super sexy about a man who can pair a suit jacket with jeans and sneakers. This looks screams “urban sophistication,” and it is a perfect example of how to look cool without trying too hard. Keep your shirt untucked, but make sure it is well ironed and crisp to avoid looking sloppy. Slimmer fitting jeans are also necessary to keep your outfit sleek. We guarantee you that your date will find you irresistible.

Scenario 3:  Weekend Brunch

A navy jacket with white pants or light colored chinos strikes a brilliant combination. Pair this look with navy or tan colored loafers for a more casual look. A light blue or pastel pink shirt is ideal for spring or summer and a navy belt ties everything together. Now you are ready for your Sunday brunch!

Whoever said that you cannot mix a suit jacket with denim or chinos was stuck in the 1950’s. Fashion is all about bending the rules and taking risks. Take a cue from the looks above and step out in confidence.

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