Behind the Seams with 9Tailors: Meet Steph the Stylist

This summer, 9Tailors is taking you behind the seams with our talented, and hardworking team; every week, we will be featuring profiles on the dedicated individuals who make all the magic happen. First on our list, is Stephanie Muñoz: our head style advisor, and head of creative designs and sales.

Steph the stylist has always had a creative eye, and a passion for all things fashion. Born in Brooklyn, New York, and bred in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Stephanie’s fashion story is one of many chapters, faces, and places; a journey that began in the heart of a passionate seven year-old, has blossomed into the style adventure of a lifetime.

Stephanie says she has always had big dreams in fashion. While she has always been passionate about the art of making clothing and crafting outfits, Steph has also always had a major case of the entrepreneurial bug, for as long as she can remember. In high school, the ambitious teen handmade and sold denim bags to her classmates—who apparently, were all for it. Stephanie excitedly recounts: “I would even offer generous discounts to people who would give me their old jeans to use. Recycling initiative, am I right?” Small as it may have seemed in the moment, this effort was only a baby step in Steph’s future fashion endeavors.

Although Steph’s plan to move back to the big apple after high school to move forward with fashion unfortunately fell through, this did not stop the spirited style queen. Stephanie attended MassArt for three years, where she studied fashion design. “It was a beneficial few years”, Steph admits, “…but I knew it wasn’t where I needed to be, so I moved on”. The next step in her journey, was fashion merchandising at Bay State College—a learning experience that Stephanie is eternally grateful for, as it introduced her to the business face of the fashion industry.

Fast forward a few years: Steph enters her 9Tailors chapter, where her nurtured skills and lifelong passions are put into play everyday. Here, Stephanie loves contributing to, and learning from the world she plays a major role in. “I think the most rewarding part of my job is providing our clients with a crazy good experience that brings them back, time and time again. Stylists have the power to make people really feel good because they look good—and I love being able to do that for a company that I love.”

In addition to her work at 9Tailors, Steph also belongs to the Boston Arts Academy Advisory Board, where she has implemented a fashion internship program for young, aspiring stylists. She is also working on a personal fashion endeavor: MPÓZE—a company dedicated to women’s fashion that is slowly, but surely seeing the light. In good time, Stephanie hopes MPÓZE will empower women to not only be confident in their own skin, but also proud of showcasing their own, unique style.

We are incredibly grateful to have this dedicated fashionista on our team! Keep an eye out for our monthly #StyleWithSteph articles, where our style advisor will keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends, and offer her expert advice on the custom clothier experience.


Interested in working with Stephanie? Contact us at info@9tailors.com to set up an appointment, or find out more!