#StyleWithSteph: The Custom Clothier Experience

In the first segment of our #StyleWithSteph series, we sat down with our in-house stylist to understand why the custom clothier experience is one you’ll undoubtedly want to return to time and time again. According to Stephanie, it’s not the process behind the product that defines the service, but the quality of the experience that matches the quality of the clothing. Here’s what we learned from our expert:


A custom clothier allows you to be the author of your own story.


Whether it’s a suit, shirt, or tux, your design is by you, and for you. From the cufflinks to the lapels, you have full reign over each and every detail of your one-of-a-kind ensemble. This is your masterpiece, and we’ll make sure you’re proud of it.


Stylists hold the palette, while you paint the picture.

One common misconception is that a stylist’s job is to design your garment, with your approval. In actuality, a stylist merely acts as a guide in your design process—laying out your options, and helping, in any way possible, to bring your vision to life.


You’ll always look good, and you’ll feel even better. 

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Look good, feel good, right? Right! There’s no better feeling than rocking a piece that was tailor-made for you. According to Stephanie, one of the most rewarding parts of the experience, is knowing and seeing the effect of a custom-made piece on a client. Designing your own garment is like putting your personality on a pedestal; and you’ll always look your best when you’re feeling like you!


A custom suit/tux is a lifetime investment; and with 9Tailors, you have lifelong friends.

It’s completely normal to be troubled by a price tag. Customizing can be costly, and it’s easy to wonder if what you’re getting is worth the amount you’re paying. Not to worry—Steph the stylist is here to settle your doubts. Our expert is firm in her belief that a custom-made suit, shirt, or tux is a lifetime investment.

Many people think: “What if my weight, or height changes?” Well, the magic of the custom clothier experience, is that your garment can change with you; and come the need for any future alterations, 9Tailors will always be just a phone call away. In any case, your experience, as well as your custom-made design, will always be priceless.


“9Tailors in Boston, MA is beyond amazing! They offer a unique experience with a classy studio/boutique style location in the City. The hospitality and service is exceptional, it really is like no other. The staff takes their time to listen and discover what you really want in a suit, and they offer many options, suggestions, and styles…For someone who owns a handful of suits I never realized how much more can be done, then I discovered 9Tailors. They have an amazing process of building a suit from top to bottom…” -Chris (The Knot)


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