Behind the Seams with 9Tailors: Meet Busy Barbara

Welcome back #BehindTheSeams with 9Tailors! Today we’d like you to meet miss Barbara Santos: showroom coordinator, and back office life-saver. If you’ve never met Barbara, it’s probably because she’s busy— with her nose in a file cabinet, or making client runs before sunrise. (We’re only exaggerating a little!) She’s a powerful force on the 9Tailors field, and we’re fortunate to have such a hardworking young woman on our team.

Barbara Santos was born in Ipatinga, Brazil, where she spent the majority of her childhood. At the age of ten, she migrated with her family to Woburn, Massachusetts, where she lived until her most recent move to Boston. Growing up, Barbara’s biggest loves were (and still are) film, fashion, and costume-design—and our sit-down in the sunlit corner of the 9Tailors studio said nothing different.

Barbara sits cross-legged in her distressed Spider-Man tee, and kicks off our conversation with her thoughts on the timeline of fashion: “One of the most fascinating things about fashion is that, while it can change so quickly, it’s also so possible to predict its next step—which I think is what I love the most about it. Fashion is always changing, and it’s all about what stays that defines a point in history, you know?” Though fully engaged in conversation, the workaholic constantly turns in her seat to check the 9Tailors door behind her before proceeding to switch gears.

Barbara admits art school was definitely on her radar as a young creative; but in her late teen years, she developed new interests that prompted her eventual study of psychology at UMASS Boston: the human mind, and human behavior. Psychology (alongside a communications minor) took the forefront for a few years, but this did not burn out Barbara’s passion for fashion; in fact, her study of psychology allowed her to think about fashion in ways she never had before. “Psych is all about analyzing behaviors and processes”, Barbara says in her ever-enlightening Barbara tone. “And fashion is, actually a developmental process, isn’t it? It’s a cycle of borrowing and keeping that evolves from an acquired, yet unspoken understanding!”

Whether it’s your appointment book or outfit falling apart, give Barbara the pieces, and she’ll pull it together. The vintage-chic ensemble queen is not only a pro at keeping the office in order, but also a master of mixing second-hand threads and brand new finds. When asked about her inspirations in fashion, Barbara excitedly twirls the thrifted gold Marc Jacobs pendant hanging from her neck before raving about her style sanctuary—population: Alexa Chung, Caroline de Maigret, and Tom Ford. Perhaps her biggest inspiration, is Ford’s monumental transition to film. As Barbara puts it, it’s proof that the creative flame in your life never actually dies; you just have to remember to feed the fire.   

Barbara’s passion for fashion, and hardworking nature make her a tremendously valuable member of the 9Tailors team. We look forward to witnessing all the great things in store for our smart and super stylish showroom coordinator!


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