Who, What, Wear: Oscars 2016


The Oscars are traditionally a showcase of classic, elegant styles, meaning there was no shortage of great tuxedos. Award show style authority Giuliana Rancic even noted that red carpet gents are looking sharper each year, thanks to great tailoring and modern cuts. (What have we been telling you? Fit is everything.) Here are a few…

Back To The Black Tie Basics


Almost everyone can relate to the confusion and slight intimidation that usually accompanies the words “black tie optional” or “formal attire”, or even just “black tie”. “What does that even mean?”, might cross your mind while you try and scan the invitation for clues. Luckily, we have come up with a handy guide to the…

Black Tie: A Primer


oDespite systematic assaults by era, the Classic Black Tie ensemble has remained the gold standard for formal events. The lines created emphasize the masculinity, height, and strength of those who wear it. While details may be tweaked for a more contemporary look, the foundation is unchanged by fads such as ruffled shirts and aggressive colors….